GPS Based Alert Map

The VaVault alert map is GPS based and when you click on the map icon in your app, you can view alerts based on your map area. Simply click on an icon  on the map, and you can see the alert and all details related to that item.

Power of the Network

VaVault leverages the power of its users. The more users that download the app and sign up, the larger your network grows. All of your fellow VaVault users use the power of community and other social networks to spread the word.

Records for Insurance

The receipt for your TV, stereo, refrigerator, jewelry has long since been thrown out. Have you even thought about taking a photo of your possessions? VaVault lets you keep proof of all your possessions when disaster strikes.

Assist the Police

Crimes can be solved much easier if we all work together and are able to give accurate information to the police. Why not use social media to protect yourself and the community? VaVault allows you to be helpful to investigations.

Your Personal Property Inventory App

How It Works

Your Personal Property Inventory App

We, at VaVault, do not want you to suffer home invasion. However, we want to encourage you to use our personal property inventory app to make a list of all your possessions with receipts in case of loss due to fire, water damage, wind and other natural causes. You have suffered both a physical and emotional loss and you do not want to turn to your insurance agent for support only to find out about the “fine print”. You thought you had taken care of everything by having insurance policies and the last thing you need is to find out that you need photos and receipts in order to be reimbursed as you watch your home burning to the ground!

How does the app work?

The VaVault personal property inventory app gives you a place to list, store and document your assets such as text-based information for titles and a description, storing photos of you valuable items, storing photo copies of your receipts, photos or family members and pets as well as storing VIN numbers or other serial numbers for appliances, photos of vehicles in their current condition, bikes, motorcycles, snow mobiles, scooters, boats, trailers sports, musical and construction equipment and guns. Anything of value can be stored!

You can store your insurance company information. In case of disaster it will be available in the palm of your hand! Our application will immediately send emails to your local veterinarian to assist in the location of your beloved pet. You will be able to keep track of your children and elderly family members.

You will be prepared for anything.

If the unthinkable happens to a loved one or your home you will not be thinking with a clear mind. VaVault will do the thinking and remembering for you. Storing all your information using our app will allow you to stop running in circles if a disaster should occur.