personal property inventory


We’re sure you have tons of questions about VaVault. Many people have asked the same questions that you’re wondering about. Below, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about the app — how it works, what it does, and why you should have it. The home inventory feature of the app alone makes it worth purchasing the premium version. Having records of all your personal property and assets protects you and helps your insurance company and the police when they come to your aid.

Personal Property Inventory Made Easy

How do I get started with VaVault?

Download the app from the App Store, start your personal property inventory and fight back. Keep a detailed list of all your personal property. When something goes missing or is stolen, alert your fellow VaVaulters, post reward money, and easily send proof of ownership to your insurance company.

How does VaVault protect my home?

The small cost of the premium VaVault app is worth just the home inventory alone. VaVault makes it easy to make a detailed personal property inventory of everything in your house in case tragedy strikes. If you own a home, you should have already created a personal asset inventory of everything you own in case of theft, fire or other damage. Otherwise you have no proof for insurance. You can be out of tens of thousands of dollars with nothing to show your insurance company.

What can I store in my VaVault?

Your personal property inventory can include Cars
, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Trailers
, Business Assets, Computers
, Cell Phones
, Guns, Tools, Pets, Construction Equipment
, Household items (for renters’ and homeowners’ insurance)
, and more!

How does VaVault work?

VaVault alerts help the community support you by being on the lookout for you possessions.  It is a social network designed to let people help people.  The group manhunt puts you in maximum probability to find your valuables.

What kind of information can I store?

Your personal property inventory will store text-based information such as title and detailed description, photos of the actual item, photos of your receipt (for insurance claims), and unique identifiers like Serial Numbers and VINs.

What is a group manhunt?

Well, when your item goes missing, you’re usually out of luck unless the police want to help which usually with small thefts, they really aren’t much help at all. A group manhunt is what happens when you send out an alert via VaVault. Everyone in the VaVault network — pawn shops, store owners, your neighbors and the rest of the VaVault community will get a BOLO (Be on the lookout) alert for your item. We’re leveraging the power of a social network to  help recover your lost or stolen items.