preventing motorcycle theft

Preventing Motorcycle Theft

September 8th, 2015 | Tags: , , ,

It happens again and again. Stolen motorcycles are a commonplace thing in the US. Preventing motorcycle theft can be tricky. The stolen-motorcycle recovery rate is only about 30 percent — pretty staggering. Only 3 of 10 are ever recovered. With the VaVault app you can take pictures of your motorcycle, record serial numbers and other information that will be helpful in it’s recovery and also for insurance claims.

If your motorcycle goes missing you can instantly send an alert out to your VaVault network to be on the lookout for your motorcycle. Each VaVault user will get an alert along with pictures and other identifying marks you share about your motorcycle.

Here are some methods to try to keep your motorcycle safe:

  • Lock your ignition
  • Lock your motorcycle to a stationary, immovable object as a theft deterrent
  • Lock the forks and disc brakes
  • Install a motorcycle alarm and/or GPS
  • If group riding, park bikes together
  • If garage parking, hide your bike behind a car or large object, so it’s not easily visible to opportunistic thieves
  • Check on your motorcycle periodically
  • Install a hidden “kill” switch
  • Never let a buyer test drive your motorcycle without collateral
  • Always keep proof of your motorcycle, records and identifying marks in case the worst happens.
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